Organic Produce

Organic farmers grow their crops naturally, using crop rotation and other traditional techniques to keep the goodness in the soil. As Nature Intended only sells certified organic fruit and vegetables. This means they are free from all artificial fertilisers, fungicides, pesticides and preservatives (this, of course, can only be beneficial in terms of taste!). Unlike conventionally-farmed citrus fruits, for example, our organic oranges and lemons have never been waxed, dipped in chemicals, sprayed or gas-treated in order to maintain an artificial colour or glossy appearance.

Most modern consumers expect a wide range of high quality fruit and vegetables to be available all year round. This of course means that stores import produce when it is not in season. However, the Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has reported an increase in the amount of organic fruit and vegetables being grown in the UK over the past few years. This is making it easier to stock local organic produce, helping to reduce the environmental costs of transportation. At As Nature Intended we always aim to stock UK organic produce where possible. Where this is impossible, we prioritise fruit and vegetables which do not require air transport to be brought into the UK, while of course balancing this with our search for the highest quality organic produce.