Organic Fish

The health scare concerning farmed salmon has raised consumer interest in organic fish. Alarming levels of cancer-forming dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were found in farmed Scottish salmon, the result of the high levels of industrial pollution that took place throughout most of the twentieth century. These continue to contaminate the world’s food chains today: fish-meal used in non-organic farming contains extremely high levels of PCBs.

Organic fish must be fed with the strictly organic trimmings of fish caught for human consumption, not with industrial fish-meal. In addition, the practice of using artificial chemical dyes to enhance appearance (a common practice in conventional fish farming) is prohibited. The use of growth hormones is forbidden, as is the routine administration of antibiotics. Stocking densities are about half that of conventional fish farms; not only does this improve living conditions, but it helps to prevent the ‘mass escapes’, in which tens of thousands of farmed fish have allegedly driven native fish populations out of their natural habitats.

Not all fish can be farmed and therefore certified organic. In additional to organic fish we sell ‘Tregida’ fish which is day boat fish only and comes from Looe (Cornwall) a small tidal port where the boats leave early in the morning returning that evening. The fish is on our shelves within 36 hours of being caught!