Environment and Sourcing


Our core sourcing policy is to stock organically produced products where possible. Because of this 80% of the products we stock are certified organic and 100% of our fruit and vegetables are organic. Where we are not able to source an organic, alternative products are selected that are of the highest standard in terms of natural ingredients and traceability. We also work closely with artisan and fair trade producers. More information on organics

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

At As Nature Intended we believe that nature knows best. That’s why we will not stock any product that contains genetically modified ingredients.

It is European legislation that all products containing GM ingredients be clearly labeled, so we do the checking for you before we put any products on our shelves.


As Nature Intended have a strict policy on the fish that we offer you.

We source organically farmed fish where possible and only work with UK fishmongers who buy sustainable fish from local day boats. This allows us to offer you the best quality and freshest fish available. Click here for more details.


We believe in the highest animal welfare standards for all of the fresh meat and poultry we sell in our stores. The highest quality we believe is organic, as the Soil Association standards cover both animal welfare and raring as well as feed. Click here for more details. As Nature Intended only sell organic fresh meat.


Fairtrade is all about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. We think this is a great idea at As Nature Intended to stock fairtrade where possible. We currently have over 100 fairtrade products (and growing) in our store and many more with fairtrade ingredients in them.

Fairtrade products can be easily recognized by their logo. In addition many of our products are ‘fairly traded’ which means all of the above apply, but the products are not officially certified so they don’t carry the logo.

Hydrogenated Fats. Artificial Colours, Preservatives and Sweeteners

All of these ingredients are not found in nature so you won’t find them in any of our products. Many studies have raised health concerns over the use of many unnatural ingredients in food products, ranging from allergies to heart disease and cancer. We believe food should be made only with natural ingredients so we take to time to make sure of this before putting any product on ours shelves.

Local and British Producers

An essential part of our business is working with local suppliers to help the local economy, and to cut the food miles that our products have to travel to reach our stores. Therefore we are always on the look out new and exciting products that are produced locally. We have had some great success so far and some suppliers are so close that they hand deliver their goods by walking to our stores! If you know of any great organic products produced locally to our stores let us know…

Fruit & Vegetable Food Miles

Wherever possible we prefer to stock British grown fruit and vegetables. However there are limitations on this due to the UK climate. We take ‘Veggie Food Miles’ seriously, so we try to act responsibly and buy as much as possible which is shipped rather than air freighted.

Plastic Bags

It may surprise you that through our research we have realized that recycled plastic is the best option for carrier bags for the following reasons:

  • Recycled Plastic bags are light – they are by far the lightest of all materials used for carrier bags. A paper bag weighs 6 times more and takes up 10 times more space. This makes storage a lot more difficult and transporting them is a lot less efficient.
  • Bags made from corn starch are known to contain GM.
  • Recycled Plastic bags are durable – they can be reused many times
  • Recycled Plastic bags are recyclable

So As Nature Intended is pleased to be using recycled plastic bags. These are made from plastic that has already been used (such as carrier bags and refuse sacks). This means that we are not responsible for creating any more plastic bags, but helping to reuse some of the plastic already in this world.

We now also offer “I’m green” Bags for Life made from at least 85% of the renewable raw material sugar cane. The “green” bags can be reused hundreds of times and are 100% recyclable. When you’re Bag for Life is no longer in usable condition, bring it back and we will replace it for free.

Why do we charge for plastic bags?

Like most of Europe, we now charge for the medium plastic bags and the large “Bags for Life” we provide. We want to encourage people to bring in their own bags or  reuse the ones they purchased previously from us. The 5p that you pay for the medium bag and the profits form the “Bag for Life” help support a charity voted for by the staff of ANI each 6 months.

Recycling and Packaging

At As Nature Intended we believe that we need to do our part in minimizing our impact on the environment. As part of our sourcing process we look for products with the least amount of packaging but also whether the packaging is recyclable. Our produce is mainly loose, unlike most supermarket organic produce that is wrapped. The wrapped products we have are made from a high percentage of recyclable material.

We recycle most of the packaging that our deliveries come in, and encourage our suppliers to use eco friendly fillers such as potato starch pellets instead of Styrofoam.