Viridian Co-enzyme Q10 100mg with MCT contains medium-chain triglycerides which come from coconut oil. These MCTs can aid in the absorption of the Co-enzyme Q10 which is present in every cell and is involved in the release of energy from food. These capsules can be taken daily to boost your energy levels.


30 Capsules

Directions for Use

As a food supplement, take one to three Viridian Co-enzyme Q10 100mg with MCT capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


At As Nature Intended, we ensure that the products that we stock come from natural origin wherever possible and are free from toxins.

One vegetarian capsule contains: Co-enzyme Q10 100mg, MCT (Medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil) 100mg, in a base of alfalfa, spirulina and bilberry .

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