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IF it has all become too much, the only way to comfort a hangover is to imbibe in a pint of Country House Morning After Hangover Comforter, the first natural hangover comforter. Steep a sachet in a pint mug or teapot for 5 minutes, then drink to counter the effects of overindulgence. Totally natural and chemical free – just what a fragile system needs.
A balanced preparation employing selected herbs and spices noted for their traditional virtues, and here combined for the sufferer, fennel, dill, iceland moss, black horehound, zedoary and ginger, meadowsweet, centaury and chiretta, the tonic bitters, along with other plants and roots famed for their remedial and soothing effects.


10 Sachets


At As Nature Intended, we ensure that the products that we stock come from natural origin wherever possible and are free from toxins.
Fennel, Dill, Iceland Moss, Black Horehound, Zedoary, Ginger, Meadowsweet, Centaury and Chiretta, Serpyllum, Sarsaparilla, Potentilla, Gentian.

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