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Brainfeed Theanine Relax Naturally is a natural isolated nutrient extracted green tea which increases the relative concentration of the chemical messenger; GABA. GABA’s principle role in the brain is to relax the nervous system without sedation.

Most l-theanine is synthetic (e.g. Suntheanine) and it’s produced as a racemic using ethylamine and l-glutamine and a multi-stage synthesis. Brainfeed Theanine in 250mg 99% capsules is extracted green tea from the mountainous region of Hunan Province in South Central China. It is kept as pure as possible so you won’t find additives such as lemon balm whose mechanism of action, ability to enter the brain or synergistic benefit is unknown.

More about theanine:

Theanine is a fast-acting, non-sedative relaxant which reduces the impact of excitatory pathways in the brain and in doing so it increases the relative GABA concentrations in the brain.

In human studies theanine also stimulates the production of alpha brain waves which is indicative of a relaxed but alert mental state [12]. It is often referred to as wakeful relaxation [13] exhibiting increased creativity and increased performance under stress as well as decreased anxiety [14].

In patient groups containing subjects with higher anxiety propensity symptoms, theanine has also been shown to reduce heart rate during stressful mental tasks. [15]

The relaxation effect of theanine leds to the increased GABA concentrations that result in general feelings of calm and wellbeing [6] however, unlike other conventional calming treatments, theanine does not result in increased drowsiness, slowed reflexes, or impaired concentration. [15]

It is absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestinal tract and enters the brain through the leucine-preferring amino acid transporter system [11].

Brain levels increase 30 minutes after ingestion and peak at 5 hours. It does not accumulate in the body but is metabolized in the liver and completely eliminated in the urine within 24 hours [11]

Tablet number

Directions for Use

Take 1-2 capsules per day.


At As Nature Intended, we ensure that the products that we stock come from natural origin wherever possible and are free from toxins.

Natural theanine (green tea isolate) 99%, vegetable cellulose capsule, bulking agent rice flour

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