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Biosolis Face Cream SPF30 offers strong protection from the sun in a water-resistant formula. This product also protects the skin from ageing with a soft and easy to apply cream. This face cream has an SPF 30 rating for sun protection in kids and adults.



Directions for Use

Apply generously to the face and massage into the skin. Regularly repeat the procedure. BIOSOLIS sun protection products are water-resistant. It is recommended to reapply after spending a long time in the water to ensure its protcting affects.

Advisory Information:

  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Do not spray on clothing
  • For external use only
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Shake well before use
  • Read the instructions carefully


At As Nature Intended, we ensure that the products that we stock come from natural origin wherever possible and are free from toxins.

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