As Nature Intended provides everything for your baby from the word go. From prenatal supplements to stretch mark cream and organic formula milk, to weaning foods. We recognise that your little bundle of joy is the most important thing in the world to you and you want to give them the best start in life. We therefore carefully select baby foods which are certified organic and have flavours and textures that your baby will enjoy. And if you wish to go one step further and make your own baby food then rest assured all our fruit, vegetables and meat is certified 100% organic.

If you choose to give your baby infant formula then you’ll be interested to know that we sell the only organic formula on the market. Many of the baby foods we now stock come in squeezy pouches or pots which make them great to travel with as well as to use around the home. We sell baby rice and baby pasta which is handy for making into meals and a wide variety of healthy finger foods which are important for your baby to have to keep them going in between meal times and help them learn how to eat food.

We are committed to looking after our environment and have chosen to stock Moltex ECO nappies, bio degradable nappy sacks and organic cotton wool. We also offer a wide range of baby skin care products from nappy creams to organic toothpaste. All are natural, contain no parabens and some ranges are certified organic – perfect for your babies delicate skin.

Our natural remedies department has a large selection of multivitamins and health care products for your child and our trained staff are there to offer free advice.