Chilled Food – Quality Standards

80% of the lines we list are organically certified. Organic has always been the priority when considering new products and this continues to be our objective. We also support Fair Trade products and local suppliers as part of our buying philosophy.

We will consider non-organic products but will not accept any products which have artificial flavours, colours, preservatives (e.g. Sulphur Dioxide or Potassium Metabisulphite) or sweeteners, genetically modified organisms and trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oil). We encourage manufactures not to use palm oil in their products.

All our meat and poultry must be reared to the highest animal welfare practices and from known sources and producers. Our preference is for organically certified farming.

Beef – Grass Fed

Lamb – Naturally reared outside

Pork – Free Range, Outside Reared

Poultry – Free Range, Small Flocks

All our fish, salmon and seafood must be sourced from fully sustainable source and approved by a recognised governing body.

All our dairy products must be produced from one herd on a known farm/producer.

Ingredients will be reviewed completely to ensure they meet our quality standards, and we ask you to provide these with your application.

As we do not have a warehouse or distribution facility so our preference is for manufacturers to supply us through one of our distributors. This makes it more manageable for the stores and our accounts team.

We do expect support when listing new lines in the form of money off promotions and in-store sampling support.